Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tremors that radiate
from restless tectonic plates
waking me up during the dead of night
waiting for the darkness to give back my sight
like a frightened child I search for the light

the ground moans
like old arthritic bones
threatening to dismantle our homes
tremors that leave fractures fifteen kilometers deep
tremors that rouse me from my deepest sleep

I imagine what it would look like if it all came crashing down
all that is tangible
now a mess on the ground
all the material things reduced to dust
the rubble ruins of material lust

I wonder what I would miss the most
as I visualise the wreckage of my home
scattered possessions of what I have known
clothes and shoes and books and gold
all these things that you can touch and hold
are merely things that have been bought and sold

tremors that resound into my core
reminding me that there is something more
more than this material bore

the things we keep
end up keeping us
from feeling
something more

Scent Memory

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009

These are the scents that make no sense, but when inhaled, teleport me back to a certain time and place, to a certain someone’s face, in a different sphere that can not be erased.

Shortcakes baking

Zinc on a summers day

Freshly cut grass

Dove deodorant

Bittu bush tracks to the beach

Old Spice


Damp clothes

Moldy cars

Little black dress

Ocean skin

Pineapple wax

Old text books

Excessively chlorinated swimming pools

These are the scents of the smallest things
The most insignificant things
The scents that fail to explain anything
They just have a place under your skin
And over the years
Somehow begin to become all that there is
Reminding you of the tiny things

Moth balls



Garlic rice

Plastic Christmas trees

Christmas beetles

Cold rain on warm bitumen

Worn leather on hired bowling shoes

Char grilled sewers

Fallen frangipanis

Strawberry lip balm

Clothes out of a dryer

Dried rose petals

There is no sense in these scents
A mere catalogue of the smaller things
But somehow with time
They converge to mean everything

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2009

I recently asked I whole bunch of people in my life to answer this question:

"Describe for me the one dream you have had that has stuck with you the most...and how did you interpret meaning from that dream?"
Why am i doing this???

For me, dreaming is such an amazing and bizarre and magical thing...
…to dream is to escape
to solve problems
to be without boundary or law...
so tell me...what is one dream that has left a mark on you???

These are your answers….

A culmination of extraordinary snippets from the human subconscious.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this dream project.

…Sweet Dreams are Made of These…

When I was about 12 years old I had this dream where I was completely awake within a dream, I was fully aware of being asleep at the same time in my bed. In the dream I was talking to a friend and at the end telling him that I am waking up and had to go...and yes I woke up that second and it was like I was never asleep.

I'll be in a group, some people are close friends, others are not.
The circle of friends varies over the years.We are all talking (who knows what about), but then someone says, "show so & so how you can fly". I'm a little hesitant, depending on who I am showing.
But if I feel the right vibe, I begin to levitate, floating more than flying.... gently cruising above my friends & acquaintances.
The Meaning to Me?Well, for me it stands for always fly, always dream & anything is possible. Even when you are surrounded by close friends, foes or even someone you never met.... just fly boy.... fly.

recently i have dreamt -of my laptop becoming a piece of material that kept folding shut when i opened it.of climbing a pinnacle that turned to sand and crumbled beneath me.of my whole body turning into a little finger and making a squeaking noise.

on the edge of sleep... am in a apple tree and then fall out and BOOM - I'm fully awake and can feel the butterfly’s in my tummy from free falling to the ground - but I never reach the ground cause I wake.

I have a recurring dream; I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. It occurs in an infinite expanse of blackness, and there is many giant cubes coming towards me. The cubes are all sorts of bright colours, and gradually get bigger as they approach me. I cant escape them. The dream is not sequential, the imagery doesn’t frighten me, but the feeling that the dream evokes is always the same and always terrifying – the feeling of being completely and utterly overwhelmed. What I fear in life is the ultimate loss of control. In this dream I cannot control where I am, I cant control the cubes coming towards me, and I cant escape it. The whole situation is beyond me. As a child, I tried to stay awake as long as I could so I wouldn’t have the nightmare. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew I didn’t like how it made me feel. I think as an adult I try to avoid the possibility of the overwhelming feeling of loss of control entering my daily life. But this isn’t always possible, and so I live in a constant state of anxiety, and the nightmares continue.

It’s a reoccurring dream.
I am running up the street I lived on when I was a child.
It’s night time.
I am panicked as someone is chasing me.
I am running as hard as I can but I can’t seem to get away from whoever is chasing me.
I notice the street lights along the side of the road.
I see the dark hedges and consider hiding in amongst them.
I dig my feet in harder to the bitumen.
Fatigue hits me and I can no longer keep running.
So I decide to turn around and face whoever is chasing me.
I turn around hesitantly.
Only to come face to face with no one.
There is no one there at all.
I can see my house.
I feel the relief.
And then I wake up.
Sweaty. Anxious. Relieved.
There was no one there after all.
Face your fears head on.

Dancing Death.
It is a fallacy that if you die in your dreams it translates to a physical death also. I am not prone to reoccurring dreams. However, the following dream I have had a number of times. I have been shot. A loved one is always with me. I can feel their need for me to stay with them. I am in between realms and can read their thoughts and feel that visceral, loving, sorrow flooding through them as it becomes apparent that I am dead. A bullet of fear runs through me. And then something seizes me. I begin to spin and spin and spin. Gracefully, I turn at such speed that I begin to float toward the sky. My mouth opens and the most melodic sound pours out from me, helping me transcend to wherever I am going next. I feel pure peace, contentment, euphoria. Then I wake up.

i am on a beach, it is crowded and very big, all of a sudden there is a disturbance at one end, you can see someone being tackled into the ground, the beach becomes nearly deserted as the crowds flock to the action. There are just a few of us still seated. I can feel someones drape over my shoulder and someone breathing on my neck. I know its a girl but i can't quite see her when i turn my head I walk outside my house to the driveway, a massive duck is hovering just above me. This is no ordinary duck, it is more the shape of an eagle but has an unmistakeably duck face but there is something wrong with its eyes, they are too piercing, human almost. I make eye contact with it and it hold its stare and until it all of a sudden starts dropping down towards me. i duck (pardon the pun) into the grass and it misses me Now it is me who is flying, above a dark landscape. Hovering over what looks like a murky swamp. the air feels amazingly clean and clear and is very black, like liquid. I feel weightless and free in the empty sky. I also feel lonely and sad as the dark shapes drift by below me.

The most beautiful dream I have ever had was one I had recently. I am floating in a big blue sea, on my back, feeling the rise and fall of unbroken waves, feeling the sun on my face, salt on my skin. I dive underwater and see all these red apples floating slowly up to the surface. I tread water and look around at all the bobbing red apples. I swim in and out of this dream for what feels like all night.
Pure magic.
thank you