Permanent Impermanence

Posted on Thursday, January 14, 2010

For what it's worth
this wealth of hurt
the weight and wait
of a lovers curse
the loss of faith
the endless search

And so it twists
a lovers myth
into eyes
and over lips
clouded skies
these things i miss
did you and i even exist?

I watch it sink
and i reminisce
three times
and still amiss
in silent times
it's noise i miss
a valentine
a stolen kiss
a tailored shoe
that doesn't fit
a point of view
that doesn't stick

And then it breaks
over old mistakes
fragments wait
at your old place
a soft voice
and a softer face
fingers trace
the now opposing space
a hollow where it used to be
a photograph of you and me
a missing gap in a family tree
absolute finality?

You be You
And I'll be Me