Posted on Monday, April 06, 2009

Between the Li(n)es
“Give me truth and I’ll love you forever”
(tell me now so I can start feeling better)

“If it’s truth that you want, here it goes,
I can’t believe in forever”
(but I still want to be together)

“So what of all those moments we created together?”
(the ones that made me feel light as a feather)

“They will remain suspended in time,
nostalgic like Polaroid pictures that blur at the lines”
(scrapbook pictures in the folds of my mind)

“What about those words you said while your bones were stacked on top of mine?”
(words hot like a fever that never subsides)

“I can’t account for my words all of the time”
(but I meant what I said that time)

“Why are you so self obsessed?”
(or is it self preservation at its best?)

“I just need some time to recollect”
(and pick up the pieces of this mess)

“Well I guess this is goodbye”
(Leave now before I cry)

“It’s best that I go”
(I never meant to make you make you cry)

Lovers that ignored the signs

Lovers that failed to read between the lines