Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2008

He is waiting for me amongst this crowd
I stand tall waiting to be found
Music blasts into my ears
Setting the scene and drowning out my fears

My eyes dart from face to face
Mapping out an unfamiliar place
Heavy eyes and a nervous sweat
Lovers that have never met

My lips meet his and I can taste his skin
Breathlessness from this point in
Restlessness stirs deep within

He pulls me closer to him
Wrapping me up in his limbs
I take in his perfect pout
Put my lips to his mouth
Swallowing the words that fall out

We lay hip to hip as his eyes sink ships

He waits for me to fall asleep
Two bodies in one tangled heap
Whispers float into my ears
Words he thought I didn’t hear

I know what he says is true
He knows that I feel it too
I don’t want to let that feeling out
So the words never leave my mouth

Instead they float through the air
Lingering in a lovers stare
Draped across our naked legs
Forming crowns above our heads

We stay still and wait for the dreams to come

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