Posted on Sunday, February 08, 2009

Monotony pulls curtains over my eyes
Chains that clink and join the days
Games that no one really wants to play
Mediocrity for eight hours a day
Glazed and picture perfect
Busy hands
Joints that ache as i pass the time
Hours that are not mine
Dollars vs time
Theirs vs mine
Waging demands in my mind
Escapism in my sleep
Dancing to my own beat
A picture book full of dreams
Lighthouses on top of seas
Waves roll through me
Starlight soaks into me
In to me
Fingerprints left on my skin
Dreams that stick to my lids
Poems that are painted on my lips
I knew there was more to this
I look around every corner for a clue
But it is my dreams that bring me back to you

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