Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2009

You know those annoying people that ask too many questions?

I am one of those people.


I recently devised a mini questionnaire.

Armed with 5 questions, I took to the streets of Melbourne asking perfect strangers to share intimate snippets of their lives with me.


To put it simply…I live for this.

As one modern day poet put it…

“I want life in every word, to the extent that it’s absurd”

A big THANK YOU to those nameless people who took time out of their day to transform the mundane into something magical.

These were the questions:

1. What is your all time favourite memory?
2. What is it about Melbourne or the place that you live that you love so much?
3. If love was a colour, what would it be?
4. If you couldn’t live without one thing, what would it be?
5. What is it that makes you want to get up each morning?

These are the answers.

Embrace & Enjoy

Male, Age 23
1. The memory is of my sister and me when we were 2 and 3, playing with Lego men in the dirt outside.
2. I love the fact that in Melbourne you can be the person you have always wanted to be.
3. Love would be blue.
4. I couldn’t live without music.
5. The chance that my life will change in a different direction.

Male, Age33
1. Cartoons, evil sensei!
2. I love everything about St Kilda.
3. The colour of my princess’ eyes.
4. I’d like to live without tickets!
5. Nothing in particular gets me up in the morning.

Male, Age 26
1. So many memories, but if I had to choose one, then it would be winning football player of the year award when I was 11.
2. Well I definitely don’t like the weather here in Melbourne! I guess it’s the vibe and the constitution, lots of cool people.
3. Love would be orange.
4. I couldn’t live without music.
5. Again, it’s music.

Male, Age 22
1. My brother’s wedding, it’s a new memory, they had been going out so long, and it was the first wedding of the family and I was the best man. I got to do a cool speech.
2. Freedom.
3. Love would be rainbow for all the different emotions, could be any colour.
4. Critical thought.
5. There’s not one feeling, depends on what I’m doing that morning.

Male, Age 28
1. Remembering a feeling- those moments of clarity where I can pinpoint them- remembering that feeling of ‘oh my god, I’m on the right path’. I just really like those moments, that euphoric feeling, end of one chapter and the start of another….that blank page.
2. It’s the diversity in each facet of life, a mix and influence from different cultures, a tourist hub, the tourist capital of Australia, ever changing, and so are the people. It’s refreshing, this simple way of life if you can tap into it.
3. Love would be pink!
4. I couldn’t live without love and passion.
5. A new day to paint a new picture, and whatever picture you want.

Female, Age 24
1. Being about three years old and standing naked outside the backdoor of our house while Mum picked cactus prickles out of my skin from when I fell into a cactus. I remember the afternoon sun and seeing the prickles look like glitter in my skin. I also remember feeling kind of bad for making Mum do this.
2. I love the space of Melbourne. It’s big and open and I can be anyone, someone or no one. So much live music to choose from too.
3. Blood red.
4. Love and lyrics.
5. A beat and that feeling of infinite potential.

Female, Age 34
1. My wedding day.
2. The pace of the city, not too fast, not too slow.
3. Bright red.
4. Sunday.
5. My work, my passion.

Female, Age 19
1. My first kiss in high school.
2. My friends and the nightlife.
3. Gold
4. My iPod mainly.
5. My alarm clock.

Female, Age 25
1. Playing with my sister on our front lawn in summer when we were about 7 and 10.
2. I love the mix of people here in Melbourne, and how it isn’t stuck up.
3. Sequin red
4. A good book and clean sheets.
5. Usually my hungry cat.

Male, Age 67
1. Playing with my brothers after school on the walk home.
2. Melbourne has retained its character and charm.
3. The colour of my darling’s eyes.
4. An afternoon sleep!
5. The smell of fresh air and coffee.

Thank You

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rebeccajane Says:

Your radness knows no depth!

Rock on sister


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So... I have only just read this. My bad. But you are fucking brilliant Jelly Ungion. I went to another amazing lecture last night and I am pretty sure I was told to basically be more like you and do more things like this. I am hankering for dreamtime. xx

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