The Hum

Posted on Monday, October 05, 2009

I am sick of this town
the one with two main streets
a lighthouse that exposed
nothing but my itching feet

I can not handle this city
and its constant hum
streets that teem with people
as hollow as a drum

I can not stand the sight of this house
windows painted shut
I try to get some air
but the windowsills are stuck

I am irritated in this room
the mirrors are too much
I know the air outside is sweet
but my windows don’t open up

I am restless as I try to sleep
too many blankets on my bed
candles burn through the night
as thoughts sink like anchors in my head

I get woken up in the dead of night
by a flutter inside my chest
reminding me that I have a heart
one that beats and one that’s blessed

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