A Revelation

Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2008

I recently had a revelation.

It came to me one evening whilst I was leaning on the bar at the northern. Clarity can really strike in the oddest of places. It was close to 3am and the alcoholic haze was beginning to wear off. I heard an echo of a voice inside asking me, 'What have you done today to make this particular day memorable and worthy?'. Aside from initiating a drunken handstand competition inside a friend's living room and pretending to molest a horse figurine, I realised that this particular day had not equated to much.

It was then, as I stared down at my vodka and lime soda, that I made the decision to make these early hours count. You see, I live in fear of looking back on my life in years to come with regret for not seizing the moment or at least making something of it.
Even if it blows up in your face, at least it will be memorable.

A deep breath in and a deep breath out. Make this count.

I watched the pieces of my mind fall out of my mouth and onto the ears of another. Each spoken word was a weight off my mind.
Were my feet still touching to the ground?

There are two things in life which are certain. You were born and you will die. But so often we forget that the spaces in between those moments are for you to do as you please. You own each and every moment. You string them all together and make them your own, and one day you will look back at all those little pieces of time and with a bit of luck, your heart will fill with pride.

Who would have thought that an awakening of this kind could be found in the seedy shadows of the northern?

Oh, and don't get me wrong, I still hold much value in partaking in handstand competitions. I will take each and every one of you on. Really.

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