A Toast

Posted on Thursday, October 16, 2008

A wise man once told me that life is all about peaks and troughs.

You rise and rise.

You ride the highest peaks and you look down at your old self below and wonder how you ever got down there in the first place. The view is good from up high. Everything is washed in insignificance and you get the strange feeling that this is what its all about.

From this height, the search stops here.

And then the troughs.

You never see them coming. They creep up on you like a shiver running down your spine. You wonder how it felt to be up so high without sparing a thought for what lies down below. You cling to that feeling of yesterday and hope that it is able to light up the darkest days.

You feel nostalgic and nauseous.

You feel human.

You choose to follow your gut and to leave nothing undone. You know that you will look back at the troughs at some stage and be as attached to those times as you were to the peaks. You come to understand that there is always worse.

There are no bad choices when you follow your heart.

A million mistakes are worth much more than a stone unturned.

Here's to the peaks, the troughs, the brightest and the darkest days, the shared moments and the quiet ones...here's to making it count regardless of the cost.

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